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The artists on this tour can teach a variety of dance and movement skills. Each has their own speciality and a wealth of experience of teaching. Elon and Emmanuelle deliver workshops and classes to those who attend class regularly or are experienced in street dance and contemporary styles. Karol Cysewski is experienced in teaching a variety of dance styles to students with differing levels of experience.

Tentacle Tribe

Elon & Emmanuelle founders of Tentacle Tribe have through years of experience as professional dancers (Cirque du Soleil, Rubberbandance, B-boyIZM, Cirque Eloize) developed a unique approach to dance by fusing diverse movement philosophies from a wide variety of techniques.

In this workshop, we will draw concepts from different street styles such as Popping and Breaking from a contemporary viewpoint to expand the vocabulary with an eye to an increased level of body awareness & movement consciousness. Through geometrical shapes we will explore the capacity for the human body to inhabit multiple planes of space.

Protective gear such as knee pads, shoes and hat recommended.
Tentacle Tribe offer workshops to students who have experience of break, popping, contemporary and partnering. Their teaching is a mix of freestyling concepts as well as technical exercises based on their own choreographic material.

This video gives an idea of their workshops:

Karol Cysewski

Karol teaches a range of styles including contemporary technique, ballet, improvisation, contact work, yoga, and creative workshops. As a creator of his own work he also teaches workshops based on current choreography – Wonders of the Universe and Homo Irrationalis. Humour is very important in his creative work and he also brings this into the teaching so students can have pleasure in moving.
As a teacher he aims to inspire, educate and make students enjoy the movement. He is influenced by release technique methods: using the gravity to move, being economical with movement and paying good attention to wellbeing of the human body.

Karol currently teaches movement for the Young Actors Studio at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and has also delivered movement for actors’ workshops on the degree programmes there. As a freelance teacher he has delivered classes and workshops from beginner to professional level including National Dance Company Wales, Rubicon and NoFit State. From 2005-2012 as an employee of National Dance Company Wales he regularly taught classes and workshops as a part of their outreach programmes. He has been teaching movement alongside working full time as a dancer since he finished his education in Polish State Ballet School and at Laban Centre, London.

Education Workshops for Secondary Schools

As part of the UK tour of ‘Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid’ by Tentacle Tribe and Karol Cysewski’s ‘Wonders of the Universe’ unique and exciting educational dance workshops specifically designed for Key Stage 3 and 4 are offered as part of the performance package.
The workshops that will last for one hour, will be tailored around the elements of secondary school curriculum courses and based upon the themes and choreographic methodologies of the performances. Topics used in each of the workshops particularly focus on bringing science to life through the medium of dance which will feed back into the classroom setting.

Introducing numeracy and literacy into a dance session

  • Use movement to explore action words (verbs)
  • Mathematical shapes (triangle, circle, square) patterns in space
  • Dance uses movement to tell stories and to communicate
  • Space is a key element in mathematics and dance
  • Counting of beats in Music

As a result of learning in dance, students understand and apply concepts related to space and number, such a pathway, position, relationships, viewpoint, dimension, patterns, repetition, variation, counting, rhythm and form.
The dance workshops are a fantastic way to introduce students to different dance styles and choreographic techniques used by the Companies. Students will gain a further insight and a deeper understanding of the work, especially if they attend the performances of ‘Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’ in their local theatre.
Workshops led by Tentacle Tribe will draw concepts from different street styles, including popping and breaking fused with contemporary movement. The company was intrigued by the fluid movements of diverse land and sea creatures, which inspired their creation of ‘Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid’
Karol Cysewski will lead workshops based on his production of ‘Wonders of the Universe’ that will take an imaginative look at the origins of the universe. Through a light-hearted and humorous approach, Karol will deliver creative sessions to ensure that the students have fun and enjoy the movement sessions.

Workshop Structure

The workshops will incorporate movement techniques such as creative skills, repertoire, partner work and lifts that will be taught through a variety of creative tasks.


  • Technical exercise
  • Contact work
  • Repertoire
  • Creative tasks
  • Sharing of work
  • Cool down


  • Development of transferable skills
  • Development of confidence
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of professional dance
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of movement techniques
  • Encouraged to work as a team

Maximum number of participants – 25

Karol Cysewski: Participants work in PE kit or track-suit bottoms and t-shirt and bare feet

Tentacle Tribe: Participants work in loose clothing with protective gear such as knee pads, shoes and hat recommended

Space required is a school hall or sports hall which is warm, clean and clear of any obstructions

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